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Russia - Novgorod

The official representative: Committee of the youth policy, physical culture and sports.Russia is the biggest Platform member country.It is really difficult to describe Russia in a few words. Russia is a country that stretches from the Baltic Sea in the West to the Kamchatsky Peninsula in the East. Its European part is separated from its Asian part by the Urals, which are one of the oldest mountain chains in the world. With an area of 17,075,400 km², it is the largest country in the world (by land mass), covering almost twice the territory of the next-largest country, Canada. The total population of Russia is about 147,5 million people (more then 100 nations). In Russia there are 1066 cities and 2270 urban villages. Its capital is Moscow. The national currency of Russia is ruble.

Russia has a rich cultural heritage that comes to life in all the cities, the countryside and the small little towns. Russia is a large and extremely culturally diverse country, with dozens of ethnic groups, each with their own forms of folk music, languages and religions. Few places can conjure up vivid images such as Russia with its rich history and unsurpassed beauty. For a long time we have been dreaming to see the sacred places of ancient Russia, but there was no an appropriate chance for it…But now we have got such opportunity - our route is 'Saint-Petersburg - Novgorod - Moscow'. Letsgo!

Let's look at the European part of Russia first. If we draw a line between the largest cities of Russia - Moscow and Saint-Petersburg - it will cross the territory of the Novgorod region.Novgorod region is situated on the north-western part of Russia. It borders with the following regions: Pskovskii, Tverskoi, Vologodskii and Leningradskii. The highway Skandinaviya - Centre leading to Germany, Byelorussia and Scandinavian countries crosses itsterritory.

The Novgorod land is a very ancient one. Its landscapes are marvelous. Boundless expanses with numerous valleys and hills, lakes and rivers, cozy cities and tiny villagers are everywhere. And the smell of flourishing lilacs is flying in the air. Velikiy Novgorod is waiting for us. It is lying on the banks of the Volhov river near. Hello, Master Velikiy Novgorod! It is a world of ancient traditions and modern spirit of the times. Novgorod is a perfect place for walking, it is pointless to travel there by car - it is too beautiful for it. Every stroll gives a great pleasure. Suddenly an ancient church or a charming tracery house appears out of the corner. The Novgorodians are unhurried, full of dignity, friendly and very hospitable people. 


Lets go for a walk to the Kremlin fist and see its St. Sophia Cathedral erected in the 11th century. It is magnificent and light at the same time. It seems like it is flying in the sky above the ancient city like a white dove. You can see fabulous scenery from the highest wall-tower of theKremlin. In the city there are lots of churches - you can see their domes anywhere you look. In Novgorod thereare 167 cultural objects - it is really difficult to see them all.

Novgorod is a very cozy and clean city. There is no fuss, nor chaos, nor crowds.Nevertheless you can find there all conditions for an active and successful life.If you come to Novgorod you should necessarily visit its legendary lake Ilmen. It is one of the most beautiful lakes. Its total area is about 1665 km² - it is a third lake in Europe by its area extent.

Besides Ilmen increases its extent in three times during spring floods. In ancient times merchants who got there by boats were absolutely sure that it is a great blue sea. It is a great pleasure to go to Ilmen by a sailer or a ship, to feel the fresh head wind. The nature of these places is a reserve and it is thoroughly protected.These historical places are only a scintilla of what you can see there. It is impossible to see everything for one month but it is worth doing so.Our time in Novgorod is running out and we have to go back. We took with us lots of impressions and photos and had a really great vacation.Welcome to us!

Fund Assistance to Non-profit Projects (FANP), the Platform coordinating organisation in Russia, is located in Novgorod the Great. FANP is a regional public fund which was created in autumn of 2000, to assist projects aimed at the socio-economic development of our city and region, development of culture and education by creating appropriate infrastructure for organizations and render services in project management.

The other the organizations in the Novgorod region are also youth centres or community youth departments with lots of experience and enthusiasm for youth work. In addition their locations in beautiful and versatile surroundings guarantee active and memorable camps, backpackings and expeditions, seminars and trainings.