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Luxembourg (Grand Duchy)

was one of the founding partners of the Platform Network in 1985 and has been active since then in the youth activities initiated, promoted and implemented within the network.


Luxembourg’s national youth service, “Service National de la Jeunesse” is the contact organisation for Luxembourg :  www.snj.lu


Contact persons for Platform-Network issues:

Stéphanie Kieffer: stephanie.kieffer[at]snj.lu

Georges Zeimet: georges.zeimet[at]snj.lu

Telephone: 00352 2478 6474 (SNJ-reception)

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at a glance

  • Geography: 2.586 sq.km ( 49% agricultural-34 % wooded)
  • Neighbouring countries: Germany, Belgium and France
  • Official national language: luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch)
  • Other official administrative languages: French & German (+Luxembourgish to a certain extend)
  • Climate: Temperate

    From May to mid-October the temperatures are particularly pleasant, whereas May and June are the sunniest months.

    July and August are the hottest and in September/October Luxembourg often experiences its  mostly beautiful ”Indian Summer”.

    From November to April, grey is the dominating colour, but sometimes December-January brings icy temperatures, with snow and frost and wonderful winter landscapes.

    Rain is a permanent risk for 12 months a year, independent from the seasons.

  • Population:
    Total population : 537.000 inhabitants (2013 – 
    www.statec.lu ) . According to official statistics, more than 44 % of the population are people with foreign origins & passport (Luxembourg allows to have a double nationality)
  • The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy acting as a parliamentary democracy. Although the head of state is a hereditary Grand Duke from the Nassau-Weilburg dynasty, the sovereign power belongs to theLuxembourg people, as represented through the elected members of Parliament (Chamber of Deputies) and as guaranteed by the Constitution. Further facts, figures and interesting-to-know things can be found at:http://www.luxembourg.public.lu/en/index.html

Partners from Luxembourg with whom the SNJ is working in the frame of the Platform-Network:

Nordstadjugend asbl – Harpa Tordadottir: www.nordstadjugend.lu

Centre Information Jeunes: - Lia Kechagia: www.cij.lu

Point Information Jeunes Esch-sur-Alzette – Charles Gasperi : www.pij.lu

Union Grand-Duc Adolphe – Martine Sales: www.ugda.lu

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information status : 2014 february