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Latvia - Liepaja

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Main facts
  • Population:  2.351.400
  • Area: 64, 589 sq.km
  • Currency: Lats (1 lat is worth 0.7 lats)
  • Official language: Latvian
  • Ethnic composition: 57,6%Latvian; 29,6%Russian;  4,1%Belorussian; 2,7%Ukrainian; 2,5%Polish; 1,4%Lithuanian; 0,4%Jewish; 1,7%other nationalities
  • Capital: Riga founded in 1201
  • Head of the State: the president Vaira-Vīke Freiberga
  • Administrative division: The Latvian territory is divided into 26 districts(483 rural districts) and 7 minicipalities. Latvia consists of four regions: Vidzeme, Zemgale, Kurzeme, Latgale.
  • Largest towns and cities: Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja, Ventspils.
  • Since 2004 member of EU
Latvia is a beautiful country that lies on the coast of the Baltic sea. It  attracts people for its unique, untouched nature. Pine forests, dunes on the coast, deep clean lakes and fast in spring rivers- all that leaves an unforgettable impression on those who have visited it and you won`t believe it- local people as well, though they are uccustomed to the sight of the Latvian natural wonders.
Latvia lies between Lithuania and Estonia, its Baltic neighbours, that is why the country is sometimes called ”the heart of the Baltics”. Liepaja belongs to Kurzeme, it is the third largest town in Latvia and is also located  near the Baltic sea.
Children and Youth centre is the largest Hobby centre in Liepaja that organizes festivals, performances, shows, Latvian traditional festivals on local and regional level, runs free time activity programms, collaborates with schools, nongovernmental organizations, other hobby schools in Liepaja. We have been organizing nature, culture camps since 1991. There are many picturesque places for camping in Liepaja region.