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Hungary - Hajdú Bihar

member region: Hajdú-Bihar


The area of the whole country is 100.000 km2 . Hungarians have been living here for over 1100 years.Hungary boasts a heritage that attracts people from far and wide. The capital is Budapest, theUNESCO declared it as „the pearl of the Danube”, a world heritage site.

Hungary has the world’s second largest reserve of surface thermal water, with more than 1000 springs, and nearly 300 are used for bathing purposes. The country sits on one ofthe richest geothermal and medicinal water resources in the world. Hungary is proud to claim eight sites that qualified for the world heritage list of outstanding value. We have natural treasures, surface formations and caves. Besides, we have outstanding grapevine growing regions with excellent quality of wine all over the country. The weather is different in each season, hot in the summer, cold in the winter, warm in the spring and mild in the autumn. Hungarians are famous about their hospitality we welcome everyone who visit us.


Nature and water is not only near but also decisive in the North-East Region. The famous Great Plain Region can be found here with the Hortobágy National Park. ThisWorld Heritage Siteis home to Europe’s largest expanse of grassland prairies (widely known as the „Puszta”) as well as most extensive salt lakes and salt marshes with treasures that can be seen nowhere else. Hortobágy has an outstanding landscape with protected flora and fauna. We haveworld famousviticulture and winemaking areas here andalso unique natural, architectural and cultural heritage and local traditions. Our camps are related to the nature, culture, and sport,as the rich environmentprovides great facilities for these activites.


The Local Government of Hajdú-Bihar County has been member of the Platform since the beginning. It is located in the cultural center of the region in Debrecen which is the second largest town in Hungary, though twice in its history italso served as the capital.Showing its cultural centreit is a renowned town of universities with nearly 20.000 students. As for youth affairs, we cooperate with the youth organisations of our region, take part in the coordination of youth activities, meanwhile we facilitate the work of youth organisations by transmitting our contacts and organising concrete programmes with neverending enthusiasm. Our goal is to make the participants become familiar with our history and natural treasures and have fondmemories of our region when they return home.

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