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Germany - Mecklenburg Vorpommern

The beautiful area on the Baltic Sea with its fine sandy beaches and almost endless promenades lies in the North East of Germany. Its neighbours are Poland and Scandinavia. Every fourth person is under 30 years old. The green land by the blue sea has the youngest population in Germany. The Baltic shore, with its dunes and steep coasts, is 1400 km long; there are more than 2000 lakes to be found in the interior. 3 national parks, 5 nature parks & 290 nature reserves are under the care of nature and environmental conservation. In the region water and nature are always near.
However Mecklenburg – Vorpommern is not just a natural kingdom. 2 universities in Greifswald and Rostock, 3 technical colleges, 1 college of music and theatre plus 1 for the Civil Service define the scientific & cultural life of the land. In the summer Mecklenburg-Vorpommern feasts on music. In castles, barns and churches, six festivals with famous performers & hopeful young talent gain the approval of the public. Apart from events, cultural festivals and fairs there are also quiet highlights of special significance.
The Regional Youth Council of M-V is active in PLATFORM since 1995. We have been organising yearly international activities and exchanges as short- and long term projects in co-operation with partner organisations. We try to provide experiences in international practice for youngsters and multipliers as a kind of front-runner.
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