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Germany - Lower Franconia

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The district of Lower Franconia is the northest of the seven Bavarian districts, though still in the heart of Germany.

Lower Franconia borders  besides the districts of Upper and Central Franconia on the federal states Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Thuringia and has got 1.344 million inhabitants in 307 townships and covers an area of 8.532 km².

The river Main represents the lifeline of this region and the wine - an absolute first-class product in Europe - shapes the country and its people. Lower Franconia is visibly influenced by culture and history: Celtic remains show that, but more traces were left by the Franks. Lower Franconia has been part of the Frankish country of Charlemagne. Lower Franconia is also a landscape full of churches, fortresses and romantic castles. Its countryside has a large variety of recreational opportunities. Besides this, it contains important industrial centres. The capital, home of the government of Lower Franconia and the district Lower Franconia, is Würzburg. There are four other larger industrial centres: 
Schweinfurt, Aschaffenburg, Miltenberg and Lohr. One of the main industries is tourism in the beautiful areas Rhoen, Steigerwald and Main-Spessart.
The district of Lower Franconia maintains a partnership with the district Calvados in France, which has been manifested in many partnerships between cities and villages since 1987.
The Youth Council of Lower Franconia (BezJR) is not only a political representation of interests for the requests of young people and youth federations, but also the respnsible body of a youth education centre with an emphasis on 'intercultural youth work'. Besides this, the BezJR organizes a bilateral video competition regularly. At the moment a direct partnership with youth organizations in Poland is being developed. Since 2006 the Youth Council of Lower Franconia has also been an active partner in the Platform Network.
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Map of Germany - Lower Franconia