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Germany - Eifel Ardennen

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EVEA – Europäische Vereinigung für Eifel und Ardennen // GEAE - Groupement Européen des Ardennes et de l'Eifel

Logo and Symbol: Here you can see the green road Eifel-Ardennen (contact road between the densely wooded regions)
The EVEA is a non governmental and non profit association. Founded in 1955 the association extends to the regions of Eifel and Ardennen in the countries Belgium, France (until 1998), Germany and Luxemburg.
The region Eifel-Ardennen extends to the four countries Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg, as you can see on the little picture.
The main objective of the EVEA is the transfrontier promotion of cultural, natural, touristy and social interest of the inhabitants of the region Eifel-Ardennen as well as the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage and as well the support of international youth exchanges and sport activities.
The International Youth Commission of the Europäische Vereinigung für Eifel und Ardennen (E.V.E.A) organises European youth meetings in the Eifel-Ardennen region every year. During these meetings the youngsters should become a view into the society, the social situation and the profession-world of the neighbour countries. The practical living and working together should do a contribution to the growing-together of the European youth in this region. The co-operation mainly takes place in the region Eifel-Ardennen (in the four countries France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany) but also with other European regions, which work together in the “Platform network”. For its various activities the Europäische Vereinigung für Eifel und Ardennen (E.V.E.A) received the European Citizen’s Prize 2012 of the European Parliament.

The EVEA has many years of experience in the field of planning, organisation and realisation of international youth meetings. The staff (leader and administration) of EVEA organise about 15-20 international youth meetings attended by approximately 1000 young people every year. In the past there were organized several times European youth projects under Youth for Europe, Youth, Youth in Action and Erasmus+.

On the following picture you can see the youth castle Neuerburg - every year again meeting place for youngsters from different European countries.

In international youth exchanges we could be Partner with a german or a luxemburgian group (PIC).

Contact - German Office
EVEA - Internationale Jugendkommission
Franz Bittner - Internationaler Präsident
Herrenstraße 8
D-54673 Neuerburg
Tel.: 0049 65 64 / 93 00 03
Fax: 0049 65 64 / 93 00 05
Mail: juko@evea.de and f.bittner@evea.de - Internet: www.evea.de

Contact - Luxemburgian Office
EVEA - Internationale Jugendkommission
Ralf Ollinger - Chargé de direction
7, Avenue de la Gare
L-9233 Diekirch
Tel.: 00352 2680 3445
Fax: 00352 2680 0876
Mail: jeunesse@evea.de and r.ollinger@evea.de - Internet: www.evea.de

Germany - EVEA

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May 18, 2011, 7:38 AM