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Finland is the northernmost Platform member country. The scenery and temperatures vary a lot depending on the season, from snowy winters to the midnight sun in the summer. This is why the country has many different faces to show to the visitor, but what stays the same is the eagerness of Finns to welcome their guests and make their stay a pleasant and memorable one. 

In the West Finland region water and nature are always near. The camps are often related to the nature, adventure and sports, as the surroundings offer great possibilities for water sports, hiking, winter sports etc. Besides countryside, West Finland is also home for little towns with rich and original culture life. 

Youth Centre Villa Elba, the Platform coordinating organisation in Finland, is located in an old harbour town of Kokkola. This is a place with an active music and theatre scene. We have been organising international nature, sport and culture camps since 1991. The other Platform camp organisers in West Finland are also youth centres or community youth departments with lots of experience and enthusiasm for youth work. In addition their locations in beautiful and versatile surroundings guarantee active and memorable camps. 

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