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Czech Republic - Olomouc

flag of Czech Republic

The Olomouc Region is rich in traditions and history the evidence of which are the hundreds of beautiful and significant architectural monuments. It is also a region full of varied and colourful nature with attractive cultural, sports and recreational possibilities all making it popular destination for visitors. The historical cityof Olomouc with its rare preserved look of a medieval town is known foremost for its baroque fountains and lots of other architectural monuments. The south part of the Region is flatland which is moving northward gradually form their the range of Hrubý Jeseník Mountains and the Rychleby Mountains. 

Especially the Northern part of the Region is famous tourist destination. During the summer the beautiful of the Jeseniky Mountains offers a wealth of possibilities for lovers of hiking and cycling. There are number of demanding mountain biking trails as well as pleasant trails in the foothills and valley. In the Summer the snow-covered hills and mountainous terrain are ideal for both down-hill and cross-country skiing as well as other winter sports. 

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